Customer Care & Training

After Delivery Care

Additional Equipment
Every BRAY CNC Machining Centre® can be equipped with highly useful tools and equipment that ensures proper functionality and further enhances the usability and performance of the machining centre. Our customers can choose from a wide range of additional equipment.
Remote Diagnostics
We use a highly efficient integrated diagnostics system that enables our customers, you, to communicate and solve any needs immediately – remotely and online. The advantage of our 24/7 service support is in the speed and effectivity of the solutions we provide.
Spare Parts
To avoid costly downtimes, we hold an extensive inventory of the most needed spare parts that are needed to ensure smooth running of our products. Information regarding the current stock level of spare parts for our BRAY CNC Machining Centres® is available per request.
The BLACK CIRCLE Service Team is a balanced combination of engineers and professionals with many years of industry experience. Our team is constantly trained and is skilled to provide competent and reliable customer service worldwide. Alongside, we also carry out regular training of customer staff.