Smart, compact, highly useful 3-axis machining centre designed for surface machining by milling and drilling. Principal use of BRAY S is wherever precise and productive machining of mid-sized workpieces is needed. Suitable for use with plastics, composites, aluminium alloys and other progressive materials.

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  • Wood
  • Plastics


  • Foundry
Technical parameters
Technical parameters
Axis X [travel length in mm]
Axis Y [travel length in mm]
Axis Z [travel length in mm]


Additional axis
The versatility of the machine can be further increased by the use of angular heads fixed in spindle adding a fourth axis. Another possibility is an additional rotary axis placed in the work space that enables machining of complex shapes in 4X.
Machine covering is implemented by means of a box with sliding doors accessible from front sides. The structure meets high safety and aesthetic requirements, and enables the control of the working process from all sides.
Machine protection
Linear guides and ball screws on all three linear axes of the BRAY S machine are protected against intrusion of dust and chips by bellows. This solution provides for higher endurance and longer service life of the machine.

Control systems


The machine is standardly delivered with the Heidenhain TNC 620 control system, which is specialized in the control of machining centres and provides excellent solution for machine control, comfort and simplicity of operation. Digital drives with EnDAT interface and rotary encoders ensure very precise positioning with minimal positioning error.

Milling electrospindles

Output 8/9,6 kW (S1/S6)
Mk max. 6,4/7,6 Nm (S1/S6)
0-24000 rpm
Pneumatic release
Air cooling
Cone ISO 30


Working tables and probes

BRAY S machining centre can be equipped with a variety of aluminium, or pertinax working tables, with vacuum and other options. Our customers can choose between a selection of workpiece or tool probes to enhance the functionality of the machining centre.

Measurement and tool changers

The BRAY S machine offers motor measurement. The available tool changers consist of options with up to 8 pieces of tools.

Standard and additional equipment

Every BRAY S machine comes equipped with a selection of highly useful tools and equipment that ensures proper functionality and reliability in any kind of operation. To further enhance the usability and performance of the BRAY S machining centre, our customers can choose from a wide range of additional equipment that can be fitted to the machine.

Detailed specifications

Detailed specifications

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Stock machines

Stock machines

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