BRAY CNC Machining Centres® offer the best and universal solutions for milling of aluminium (large and small profiles, monoblocks, moulds, tools, control jigs, windows/door frames), composites – carbon (prototypes, serial production), plastics, honeycombs, extruded polystyrene (EPP), polystyrene, synthetic wood (wood plastics composite), woodworking, for castings and many more. To ensure uttermost utilization of our machining centres that guarantees optimal productivity and results, each machine should be primarily used for the machining of advised materials for the specific machining centre model.



BRAY CNC Machining Centres® provides solutions for higher machining accuracy, higher production efficiency by automation, better chip disposal, maintainability and setup performance. With various cutting-edge solutions, our machines demonstrate their capabilities to full extent and achieves a higher level of machining. BRAY CNC Machining Centres® offers the best and universal solutions for your shop floor in many different market segments. The extensive modularity and adaptability of our machines enables extensive suitability for a wide range of industries and for the specific needs of every customer.




To guarantee versatility and adaptability, in addition to the basic configuration and options, every machine can be modified to meet the specific needs of our customers. Through a complex analysis of the requirements of our customers, we are able to provide made-to-measure solutions that are individualized for any type of operation and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction without compromising on quality and efficiency. We strive to provide our customers with highly personalized approach. Our team will work with you on a step by step basis, ensuring a high understanding of the impact of all the possible modifications, options and additional equipment on the performance of the selected BRAY CNC Machining Centre®. Building on our years of experience and with the feedback provided by our current customers in mind, we are able to skillfully advise on the best possible configuration for many different types of applications. For the most demanding and highly unique operations, we are able to work together with our customers and develop custom made solutions. From concept to a finished, fully functional component to be used with our BRAY CNC Machining Centres®.

Industry 4.0
With the emergence of smart factory technologies, inter-connected automation processes and wireless data connectivity we increasingly prioritise continuous improvement of our digital technologies enabling faster response times, new ways of production, value creation, autonomous processes, and real-time optimization.
Quality Assurance
We are committed to providing reliable, high quality products. All of our products go through rigorous testing and a series of quality checks before being brought to the market and made available to our customers. We constantly improve our manufacturing standards to meet applicable quality requirements.
Safety Instruments
Through implementation of various safety instruments (such as optical barriers that monitor entry of operators into the working area of our machines) we have managed to minimise the risk of workplace injuries. Higher safety standards provide positive working environment and higher levels of personnel satisfaction.
Looking Ahead
We think ahead. In order to stay on the forefront of technological advancement we support and help grow young talents. Our employees are our most important assets that drive our success. We are striving to establish comfortable, safe and supportive environment that helps our employees accomplish their career goals.