Who We Are

BLACK CIRCLE is a well-established manufacturer with a strong heritage and a bright strategy for future development in production of complex CNC machining solutions. Our main goal has been to provide comprehensive services and excellent customer care together with the production of our own CNC machining centres from the very beginning. The core of our product portfolio consists of the well-known and highly regarded brand BRAY CNC Machining Centres® - designed for machining of aluminium alloys, composites, plastics, honeycombs and other materials. Our machining centres are suitable for use in the production of moulds, tools, models, prototypes in the automotive, aerospace, rolling stock, shipbuilding industries, and wherever precise machining is required. Our offered portfolio covers the needs of machining from the smallest workpieces to complex-shaped parts exceeding tens of meters in length. In addition to the basic configuration and options, every machine can be modified to meet the specific needs of our customers. BRAY CNC Machining Centres® offer the right technical and economical solution at the highest level of precision.


Strong Heritage

The development of our CNC machining centres started in 1995 under the brand SAHOS with the production of machines used mainly in the woodowrking industry. Through our own technological advancments, we have manufactured our first 5-sxis CNC machining centre in 2005. Over the next decade, BLACK CIRCLE has developed into one of the major European producers of outstanding, efficient CNC machining centres that are constantly undergoing new technological improvements. 

continous growth
continous growth

Continuous Growth

We prioritize long-term success by incorporating proven industry practices and leverage our decades of engineering, development and research experience to deliver a better product to our clients that guarantees gains in productivity and profitability. To guarantee optimal use, we are dedicated to developing new products and improving our current products by implementing new, modern technologies. In order to bring our BRAY CNC Machining Centre® to many new territories, we are constantly expanding our partnership programs. 



Emphasis on R&D

Cooperation with the best suppliers of equipment, tools, software and our own research and development enables us to maximally benefit from the latest, up to date technology. We have established partnerships with leading universities, institutes, skilled technical consultants and most importantly, you, our customers.

What Matters to Us

Valuable partnerships
For optimal results, we recommend the use of our BRAY CNC Machining Centres® with optional equipment and tools manufactured by our trusted and reliable partners.
Personal approach
To guarantee versatility and adaptability, in addition to the basic configuration and options, every machine can be modified to meet the specific needs of our customers.
For the most demanding and highly unique operations, our technology and construction departments are able to work together with our customers and develop custom made solutions.